Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is a broad term used when referring to the fishing tackle that is tied, clipped, or slid onto the end or near the end of fishing line. This tackle category is nearly as large and varied as lures and bait, and is just as highly specialized for all of the various tactics and species an angler can target. Terminal tackle can be made from plastic, foam, wood, stainless steel, lead, tin or tungsten. The size of terminal tackle pieces can also range depending on the species of fish being targeted and the type of presentation intended. Float fishing with floats perfectly matched to the hooks, shots and bait can greatly increase not only the number of bites you get, but your catch-rate as well. Using a hook not well suited for the tactic or species can waste time by being too small or not strong enough. Replacing dull or damaged hooks on a lure can add fish to fill a creel limit. An angler’s confidence in their terminal tackle can dramatically affect their success on the water. The terminal tackle categories at FishUSA are hooks, weights and sinkers, floats, bobbers and indicators, swivels and snaps, split rings and sleeves, and bait rigs.